Talking hoops on KNBR

The time for New Year’s resolutions is quite a ways off, but this was on the list long before 2014 rolled around: upload more multimedia to the lonely platform known as NBA Confidential. Alas, this is a start – my Thursday appearance on KNBR with Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks. Talking Phil Jackson, Lakers, Warriors, and much more.

To hear the interview, click here. 

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The NBA season has a way of swallowing you whole, so pardon the interruption in programming on this platform that doesn’t pitch in on paying the bills (alliteration alert!). I’m grinding away covering the latest campaign at the USA TODAY-job, and otherwise relishing in the fact that I remain more popular to my two sons than any player in the Association (For now, anyways. They started falling for Kobe a while back because he was in a Justin Bieber song, but that eventually ended when Mom and Dad immediately started banning Bieber from the Amick household. Bad example and such…).  

Between those two responsibilities, there’s just not much time left to wax poetic to the non-existent NBA Confidential crowd. But just in case some old friend stops by, consider this the latest stopping of a silence streak on here. And consider it done. Thanks for the reading of the coverage, which hopefully translates to the enjoying of the coverage. All the latest stuff is here. Be well.

P.S. In a weak attempt to add some value to this post, it’s contest time: the first person to identify the locations of both pictures in this post will receive…an e-mail saying ‘way to go.’ A hint: from the ‘Cowtown’ to ‘Beantown.’ Ok, so that’s more than a hint.



NBA Confidential lives – now listen to this radio hit

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and the rest, there are an ever-increasing number of digital mouths to feed these days. But on this sleepy Friday morning in Northern California in which I’m tweeting out links to the new “A to Z” column and sipping on coffee from my fancy new maker that came courtesy of my wife on a recent birthday and made me feel simultaneously happy and old, I’ve reached the conclusion that NBA Confidential needs a little love. After all, that $12 annual hosting fee isn’t being paid to for nothing.

Yes, I’m aware that I just subjected at least a few dozen readers to a horrific run-on sentence at the start, but there’s a reason for that: to lower the bar right away and make it clear that these sporadic NBA Confidential posts will be nothing if not unrefined. Most of the time, I’ll simply link to the latest radio or television interview, or perhaps ramble about something that’s not worthy of USA Today presence but could be worthwhile here. There will be an occasional poll, too, for those times when the well of ideas is running dry and it comes in handy to read the room.

With that, I present my Wednesday chat with KNBR 1050 talent, friend, and the star of NBA 2K14, Damon Bruce. Our segment starts around the 24:30 minute mark, with a shout-out for the Mrs. –

On the (media) road again…

Belated thanks to the good folks at, specifically Paul Fichtenbaum, Brad Weinstein and Nicki Jhabvala. As if the thrill of landing on the cover of such a storied magazine wasn’t enough, the experience covering the NBA there was memorable and they were phenomenal. But another challenge arose: I moved on to USA TODAY Sports back in October, and the continued coverage of the Association can be found here.

The point of this post, truth be told, is to simply get Toronto’s pursuit of Steve Nash from back in July off the above-the-fold portion of this page. I’m well aware that it’s only the occasional relative reading this blog at this point, and even they probably lie about knowing it even exists (“oh sure, Sam, yeah I knew you had a web site…”).

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Happy Independence Day, America! Now where’s the Canadian going?

The Knicks and Phoenix aren’t taking today off to celebrate America’s independence, as they’re trying to hammer out a sign-and-trade deal for Canadian Steve Nash that – if completed – would make the Toronto Raptors folks want to shove a flaming fountain up James Dolan’s backside.

The Knicks owner is the one hoping for this, yearning to land another money-making star for the Garden scene even if it might mean losing one of your best young players in Iman Shumpert. As I wrote last night, the Suns love Shumpert and including him in a deal would likely be enough to get the approval on their end. There are some Knicks folks who wish he wasn’t in play and that Nash would just take the Raptors’ three-year, $36 million offer and be done with it, but I have to admit that I’m torn as to how I see the Knicks’ view here.

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Free Agency, Day 2 (even if it feels like Day 20)

Welcome to the NBA “off”season, where it’s clear that no one in the media will be getting days off anytime soon. Too much action. Too much drama. And we’re two days – I repeat, two days – into the free agency period.

I joined ESPN New York’s Bill Daughtry on Monday night to break down the latest. Move the sliding timer to the 40-minute mark for our chat. – Interview here.

I joined’s Maggie Gray to chat it up as well – Interview here (VIDEO)

If you missed the news of the day, it started with Anthony Davis becoming the latest Team USA candidate to fall and ended – at least on my end – with a source telling me that the Clippers are the clear frontrunners in their pursuit of free agent shooting guard Jamal Crawford (though the source said he is looking for more than the three-year, $15 million midlevel deal that, according to the LA Times, the Clippers are prepared to offer and that the two sides continued to exchange ideas leading up to his Tuesday visit in Los Angeles).

In between, of course, new Atlanta GM Danny Ferry traded a seemingly-untradeable contract (four years, $89 million remaining for the 31-year-old) by agreeing to send Joe Johnson to the Nets while likely ruining Orlando center Dwight Howard’s grand plan of becoming Brooklyn’s biggest star (though Chris Sheridan is hearing there’s still a scenario in play that could bring him there). Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you that Ferry wasn’t going to waste any time shaking up one of the league’s most stagnant, though competitive, rosters.

Day No. 3 of free agency is technically here already, meaning it’s time for me to turn in. Belated props to for breaking the Hawks-Nets story. Thanks for reading, following, and caring folks.

Talking Playoffs, Draft

With the boys at – Interview here

With the boys of the “Bull and Fox” show in Cleveland – Interview here



Talking anything and everything playoffs-related with Brian Geltzeiler of and Jacob Noble of – Click here

Doing the day (and night) job…

I obviously don’t chime in here very often these days, so be sure to read me at (Clink link). Be sure to check the ‘Interviews’ section for the latest radio or TV appearances. I’ll let folks know via Twitter when there’s a new NBA Confidential post.

Arena Armageddon: Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson discusses his Las Vegas meeting with Kings co-owner George Maloof

For those of you who prefer to analyze a situation via the printed word as opposed to video, the transcript of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s midcourt media session from Friday night at Power Balance Pavilion is below (with the video even farther below).

It’s obviously a good sign for the locals that the two sides are talking again, especially considering the way the city’s success story of saving the team had devolved into the nastiest of smear campaigns on both sides (though Johnson’s camp took it much, much farther after the Maloofs backed out of the handshake deal). Next week will bring a whole new set of storylines in this drawn-out drama, but it’s safe to say the arena talks aren’t dead just yet.

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