Welcome to NBA Confidential

Tipoff is here alright. But make no mistake, NBA Confidential is badly in need of some preseason patience.

This .com coach will get the rotations right eventually and start producing at a high level, but the playbook isn’t too elaborate yet and isolation play is inherently tolerated. The chemistry and cohesion will eventually come too. What ultimately matters most – as the Gregg Popoviches and Phil Jacksons of the hoops world have always shown us – is having the right principles in place.

So take a peek at the ‘Why NBA Confidential?’ tab above to learn a bit about the sports writing values that are valued around here, and check out the other various offerings while you’re at it. The NBA’s labor situation won’t be resolved for quite some time (and, yes, after a lockout that will likely start in July), so I’ve dedicated an entire page to that story. Some of my work from Aol FanHouse and The Sacramento Bee can be found up top as well, as well as links to my recent radio and television appearances.

For you tech-savvy folks out there, notice the ‘RSS Feed’ link and ‘E-mail Subscription’ option on the left rail that brings all the action right to you. The video options on the right rail should be fun, with the wondrous iPhone allowing me to so easily share locker room chats like the ones with Kirk Hinrich and Mo Williams that await you. There will certainly be operational upgrades to the site as we go along as well.

This new and exciting game has officially begun. One last-minute rules change to note: three seconds in this key is not only allowed but encouraged. Stay as long as you’d like. And before you leave, weigh in on the trade deadline poll below just for kicks and dribbles. – Sam Amick


6 responses to “Welcome to NBA Confidential

  1. I’ll be reading this site for sure!

  2. From France,

    You have already one international follower.

    Bon courage et bonne chance pour ce nouveau projet!!

    Good luck! 😉

  3. And I bookmarked you. From the Netherlands. Good Luck!

  4. Mary Joelle (natsthecat)

    Dwight Jaynes gave u the rec in a tweet of his! Looks like a great site.
    Will add to my favorites!

  5. ricardohawk

    Looking good so far, Sam! Can’t wait to read what you are puttin’ down, and maybe you should put a donate button up so people could give you a few bucks for your time and effort? I know I would be happy to scrape together a few scheckles to support you!

  6. Hey Sam,

    Can’t wait to see what you are writing on here in the coming future. Best of luck to you and I hope to see you sometime soon.