Joe Lacob Unplugged and Unleashed: Heavily-Involved Warriors Owner Discusses All

Lacob speaks to aspiring stat-heads at the Sloan Conference in Boston

BOSTON – Joe Lacob loves to talk.

Exhibit A of that fact came in November, when the new Golden State owner joined co-owner Peter Guber in doing the sort of media rounds former owner Chris Cohan never did after their league-record $450 million purchase became official. Exhibits B, C, D, E and maybe even F came in the four months thereafter, as Lacob headed a transparent public relations effort in which his bold proclamations and occasional oversimplifications gave the long-suffering Warriors fans hope for, as the team’s adopted theme song courtesy of Michael Buble went,  a new dawn and a new day.

Which from this corner of the media world makes this past weekend Exhibit G or H – or somewhere in that alphabetic vicinity. I spoke with Lacob on Saturday at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, then proceeded to put the interview on the backburner while handling other affairs.

Yet in the time between Saturday and the interview being published on CSNBayArea’s web site today, Lacob never stopped talking. His interview with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News that was published on Sunday is, as is always the case with Tim, top-notch stuff (Ditto for the subsequent column). And coupled with our lengthy chat, I could see Joe Blow Warriors Fan reaching the saturation point when it comes to absorbing the outspoken owner’s insights.

But there is much to be gleaned from his comments, whether it’s the picture he paints of the trade deadline day scene in Warriors Central and what that means (see: Mark Cuban-esque involvement), his thoughts on the team’s plan to join the advanced statistics age or how he would view the Kings’ likely move to Anaheim.

The Warriors’ quiet trade deadline means his original approach remains with no set timetable for implementation: stay on the lookout for a “transformative” trade while building through the draft and free agency in the process. As he shared with the youngsters who hung on his every word at the conference, he wants “somebody to throw the ball to in the post” (yes, I hear you snickering Kings fans – inside joke for those not laughing:) and admits that “David Lee is not an inside player.”

I’ll let him take it from here. Behold Exhibit L, as in Lacob. Q&A with Warriors Owner Joe Lacob


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