If You Build It, They Will Stay: Sacramento Arena Plan Unveiled by ICON Venue Group

When the basketball-loving people of Sacramento finally exhaled on May 2, it was only a matter of minutes before they were holding their breath again.

The Maloof family that owns the Kings had decided to stay, having succumbed to monumental pressure that was coming from almost every side as they attempted to move to Anaheim. But as was made immediately clear by the owners and the NBA, this would merely be a stay of execution unless a new arena was built.

Twenty-four days later, the beginnings of a plan are finally in place. The Taylor/ICON group that has been working with the city of Sacramento since early February completed its feasibility study this week that was intended to determine whether an arena was possible in Sacramento.

And while the details on how the facility will be paid for should be more clear in the next 100 days, the company came back with a ‘yes’ verdict that should keep this storyline moving forward. I obtained a copy of the study which will be presented to the City Council on Thursday, and decided to share it here based on the level of interest in the matter in the state Capitol.

In truth, I browsed the plan but have not adequately analyzed it just yet. There are others who have, as you can read The Bee’s report here or Carmichael Dave’s story here. If you can forgive my friend Mr. Weiglein’s unpolished TV work (via YouTube), the KHTK radio personality and founder of the #HereWeBuild effort that was so integral in the city’s effort to keep the team gives a thorough and passionate breakdown here as well.

To see a much-snazzier take from News10 pro Ryan Yamamoto, click here.

A few basic points before you move on to the document itself.

* The arena is projected to cost $387 million and would open at the start of the 2015-16 season. It could be rushed to open a year earlier, but those costs aren’t calculated and would likely be significantly higher to rush the job.

* There is a strong preference to build it at a downtown railyards site, but a scenario in which it is built at the same Natomas site where Power Balance Pavilion is located is also discussed.

Now on to the meat and potatoes, all 46 pages of it. Just click below, download to your computer and give it a read.

ICON Feasibility Study


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