Latest Linkage: Covering the Draft, Coaching Searches and the Looming Labor Situation

Here’s the latest linkage from, just in case anyone missed these stories the first time around. Since that doesn’t make for the most exciting post, I might as well share this clip of the 2002 fight between Shaq and Brad Miller on here just as I did on Twitter. The Miller story below reminded me of this melee, and it’s more than worth the four minutes of your life to take a peek back at the big fella going crazy.

One of the most dominant big men to ever play the game retired this week, of course, so there’s a lighter look at Shaq below as he discusses his incredible career with Jackie MacMullan.


* (June 4) Rockets center Miller reveals he had microfracture surgery

* (June 3) Walsh takes high road as Knicks’ uncertain steering continues

* (June 3) Brandon Knight confident in ability to play point guard in NBA

* (June 2) Latest news as coaching carousel continues to spin around the league

* (June 2) NBA lacking logic in CBA talks

* (May 27) McHale reaches agreement to become Rockets coach

* (May 26) Hall of Famer West eager to give Golden State a taste of success

* (May 25) Mock Draft 2.0

* (May 25) Lakers name Mike Brown new head coach


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