Latest Linkage: Feel the (NBA) Draft? It’s the Calm Before the (Collective Bargaining) Storm

This past month was almost all about the draft, with the annual event providing one last NBA hurrah before the big faux pas.

A lockout is around the corner and resolution is probably at least a few cities away, meaning these latest memories will have to last a while for those of you who are so hardcore that you’re used to tracking free agency and summer league here in the dead of summer. In this particular corner of the country where relocation is such a serious concern, Jimmer-mania relocated from Provo, Utah to Sacramento and Kings fans certainly hope his presence can help keep the team from moving next summer.

Fredette’s arrival sparked the sort fanfare that’s worth witnessing for posterity alone. I did just that over the weekend, tracking the BYU sharpshooter who was taken No. 10 overall at the airport one day and a Sacramento mall the next for the story that is linked below. Here’s the video from those events, and a throw-in vid from his brother, TJ, singing about the journey of one of the most hyped players in the history of the game.


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