The NBA Lockout: Whose Side Are You On?

Greetings all you NBA-starved fans/bloggers/tweeters/reporters out there in lockout land.

We (I) interrupt this programming from the Drew League/Goodman League/Melo League/Justice League (Ok, so that one doesn’t apply, although Dwight Howard has been known to don a cape) to check in over here at NBA Confidential. Per the new norm, it’s been a while since I updated the site. But lest you worry your hoops head that we’re way behind in updating matters on the labor front, here’s the “good” news: there have only been three labor meetings since I last posted on June 28.

Isn’t that just grand? You barely missed a thing.

Point being, it has been incredibly slow-goings in the CBA negotiations. The first signs of long-overdue urgency started surfacing this week and another meeting is likely to take place next week, but the divide is still wide enough for Shaq’s house to fit in between the two sides – although it’s a tight squeeze (have you seen his house?!). I’ll keep cranking away over at so be sure to check in with me there, but I wanted to alert folks that the ‘Lockout Central’ page (formerly CBA/Labor Central) and ‘Interviews’ page have been updated with some recent content. Among the highlights: A visit with Matt Winer and Steve Smith of NBA TV to talk lockout recently and had a number of other not-so-cheery chats about the CBA situation.

On here, however, I get to be the one asking the questions and will take full advantage of that authority. As such, I implore you to answer the query below to satisfy my curiosity. And for the love of Ron Klempner (or Adam Silver, for the sake of objectivity and not skewing this critical public vote), please retweet this to all your social media pals so we can get a decent sample size going. Good night, and good luck (to David Stern and Billy Hunter).


4 responses to “The NBA Lockout: Whose Side Are You On?

  1. But some people are not on either side they are just fans of the game period and want to see basketball.

  2. I’m not trying to be nihilistic here. The millions of simple everyday mortals like us are the engine that keeps all the sports go. All the money however go the few hundred players who happen to know how to bounce a ball, which is great, but it’s just a ball. The same thing applies to the 29 owners who manipulate the millions of mortals to worship the few hundred millionaires in order to make trillions. And where are we now? Both sides trying to keep their zillions, while the life force of sports, which is the fans, have nothing. Is this simplistic? It is. Is it the truth? It is.

    Sorry I voted the 3rd.

  3. There is a side that you forgot. The side of the fan you spends an inordinate amount of their hard earned money and time to be entertained and not to be reminded that billionaires need love too. If they took a third of what they are fighting over and gave it to teachers and families who need to get by paycheck to paycheck then I would care who won this petty spat.

  4. That is what it is. Millionaire’s fighting millionaire’s. Shut up and do your jobs! BOTH sides!!