Sacramento Arena Project: The Nexus Report

Couldn’t make it out to the Sacramento Press Club today, Kings fans? Never fear.

Below you’ll find a copy of the ‘Nexus’ report that was presented to the media and public today by the Kevin Johnson-led ‘Think Big Sacramento’ team that continues to work arena wonders. The Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star is presenting a menu of financing options for a new entertainment and sports complex in Sacramento as we speak, and it’s worth noting that I truly never thought this day would come.

This thing isn’t over yet, but it certainly looks a whole lot more likely that the Kings will stay in Sacramento long-term than it did five months ago. Go ahead and analyze the 62 pages that follow and see for yourself how they plan to get this thing done. And if that’s not enough material on this topic for you, be sure to watch the show I took part in recently discussing this very topic (and since we’re in the pardoning mood, apologies for the rough quality on the video clip as that’s the best available online).

Acccess Sacramento – Arena Discussion by drewm7


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