On the (media) road again…

Belated thanks to the good folks at SI.com, specifically Paul Fichtenbaum, Brad Weinstein and Nicki Jhabvala. As if the thrill of landing on the cover of such a storied magazine wasn’t enough, the experience covering the NBA there was memorable and they were phenomenal. But another challenge arose: I moved on to USA TODAY Sports back in October, and the continued coverage of the Association can be found here.

The point of this post, truth be told, is to simply get Toronto’s pursuit of Steve Nash from back in July off the above-the-fold portion of this page. I’m well aware that it’s only the occasional relative reading this blog at this point, and even they probably lie about knowing it even exists (“oh sure, Sam, yeah I knew you had a web site…”).

This feels like one of those notes that you write and tuck away in the time capsule just in case someone digs it up decades later. So just in case, a few of the more random and relevant notes of today’s NBA…

1) Bad boy Dennis Rodman is holding meetings (and vacationing?!) with world leaders who have far worse reputations than his.

2) A group of insanely wealthy, successful businessmen is willing to pay a valuation of $525 million for one of the league’s worst-run (into the ground) franchises, the Sacramento Kings, and there may even be two groups willing to cut that counter-intuitive check. The future of the team remains unclear – Seattle or Sacramento – but this is not: DeMarcus Cousins will still be scowling no matter what city he plays in.

3) David Stern is set to retire on the 30th anniversary of his start as NBA commish, but the Adam Silver lining for those who want more of the same growth & entertainment value in the league is that his successor has a similar playbook.

That should be enough to give you all a glimpse of what you missed. Thanks for reading (he writes to himself).

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  1. Not a relative, but still reading. 🙂