Monthly Archives: October 2013

NBA Confidential lives – now listen to this radio hit

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and the rest, there are an ever-increasing number of digital mouths to feed these days. But on this sleepy Friday morning in Northern California in which I’m tweeting out links to the new “A to Z” column and sipping on coffee from my fancy new maker that came courtesy of my wife on a recent birthday and made me feel simultaneously happy and old, I’ve reached the conclusion that NBA Confidential needs a little love. After all, that $12 annual hosting fee isn’t being paid to for nothing.

Yes, I’m aware that I just subjected at least a few dozen readers to a horrific run-on sentence at the start, but there’s a reason for that: to lower the bar right away and make it clear that these sporadic NBA Confidential posts will be nothing if not unrefined. Most of the time, I’ll simply link to the latest radio or television interview, or perhaps ramble about something that’s not worthy of USA Today presence but could be worthwhile here. There will be an occasional poll, too, for those times when the well of ideas is running dry and it comes in handy to read the room.

With that, I present my Wednesday chat with KNBR 1050 talent, friend, and the star of NBA 2K14, Damon Bruce. Our segment starts around the 24:30 minute mark, with a shout-out for the Mrs. –