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Talking hoops on KNBR

The time for New Year’s resolutions is quite a ways off, but this was on the list long before 2014 rolled around: upload more multimedia to the lonely platform known as NBA Confidential. Alas, this is a start – my Thursday appearance on KNBR with Bob Fitzgerald and Rod Brooks. Talking Phil Jackson, Lakers, Warriors, and much more.

To hear the interview, click here. 

Please leave a message – Sam is not available right now


The NBA season has a way of swallowing you whole, so pardon the interruption in programming on this platform that doesn’t pitch in on paying the bills (alliteration alert!). I’m grinding away covering the latest campaign at the USA TODAY-job, and otherwise relishing in the fact that I remain more popular to my two sons than any player in the Association (For now, anyways. They started falling for Kobe a while back because he was in a Justin Bieber song, but that eventually ended when Mom and Dad immediately started banning Bieber from the Amick household. Bad example and such…).  

Between those two responsibilities, there’s just not much time left to wax poetic to the non-existent NBA Confidential crowd. But just in case some old friend stops by, consider this the latest stopping of a silence streak on here. And consider it done. Thanks for the reading of the coverage, which hopefully translates to the enjoying of the coverage. All the latest stuff is here. Be well.

P.S. In a weak attempt to add some value to this post, it’s contest time: the first person to identify the locations of both pictures in this post will receive…an e-mail saying ‘way to go.’ A hint: from the ‘Cowtown’ to ‘Beantown.’ Ok, so that’s more than a hint.