Why NBA Confidential?

Why NBA Confidential?
Because good reporting means pulling the curtain back, providing readers with the sort of clear view they crave that leads to genuine understanding. I’ll try to keep providing the answers, the explanations, and the information on this site just as I have in my nine years covering the NBA, whether it was covering the Kings for The Sacramento Bee or during my time as a national writer at Aol FanHouse, SportsIllustrated.com or USA TODAY Sports.

Not every story has to be of the covert variety, though, so I’ll attempt to entertain and engage with compelling stories from around the Association as well. Athletes are people too, after all, no matter how many times we define them by their statistics or those enormous salaries. Even in this Internet world of 10-second attention spans, my commitment to human interest tales remains.

As for the site itself, the objective is obviously not to keep it top secret. So tell your friends and co-workers to head this way for their NBA fix, and please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Feedback, good or bad, is highly encouraged as well.


Thanks very much for your time.

2 responses to “Why NBA Confidential?

  1. Been a long time fan Sam, just came across the site, hopefully you can put up a few more articles soon.

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