Sacramento Arena Project: The Nexus Report

Couldn’t make it out to the Sacramento Press Club today, Kings fans? Never fear.

Below you’ll find a copy of the ‘Nexus’ report that was presented to the media and public today by the Kevin Johnson-led ‘Think Big Sacramento’ team that continues to work arena wonders. The Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star is presenting a menu of financing options for a new entertainment and sports complex in Sacramento as we speak, and it’s worth noting that I truly never thought this day would come.

This thing isn’t over yet, but it certainly looks a whole lot more likely that the Kings will stay in Sacramento long-term than it did five months ago. Go ahead and analyze the 62 pages that follow and see for yourself how they plan to get this thing done. And if that’s not enough material on this topic for you, be sure to watch the show I took part in recently discussing this very topic (and since we’re in the pardoning mood, apologies for the rough quality on the video clip as that’s the best available online).

Acccess Sacramento – Arena Discussion by drewm7


The NBA Lockout: Whose Side Are You On?

Greetings all you NBA-starved fans/bloggers/tweeters/reporters out there in lockout land.

We (I) interrupt this programming from the Drew League/Goodman League/Melo League/Justice League (Ok, so that one doesn’t apply, although Dwight Howard has been known to don a cape) to check in over here at NBA Confidential. Per the new norm, it’s been a while since I updated the site. But lest you worry your hoops head that we’re way behind in updating matters on the labor front, here’s the “good” news: there have only been three labor meetings since I last posted on June 28.

Isn’t that just grand? You barely missed a thing.

Point being, it has been incredibly slow-goings in the CBA negotiations. The first signs of long-overdue urgency started surfacing this week and another meeting is likely to take place next week, but the divide is still wide enough for Shaq’s house to fit in between the two sides – although it’s a tight squeeze (have you seen his house?!). I’ll keep cranking away over at so be sure to check in with me there, but I wanted to alert folks that the ‘Lockout Central’ page (formerly CBA/Labor Central) and ‘Interviews’ page have been updated with some recent content. Among the highlights: A visit with Matt Winer and Steve Smith of NBA TV to talk lockout recently and had a number of other not-so-cheery chats about the CBA situation.

On here, however, I get to be the one asking the questions and will take full advantage of that authority. As such, I implore you to answer the query below to satisfy my curiosity. And for the love of Ron Klempner (or Adam Silver, for the sake of objectivity and not skewing this critical public vote), please retweet this to all your social media pals so we can get a decent sample size going. Good night, and good luck (to David Stern and Billy Hunter).

Latest Linkage: Feel the (NBA) Draft? It’s the Calm Before the (Collective Bargaining) Storm

This past month was almost all about the draft, with the annual event providing one last NBA hurrah before the big faux pas.

A lockout is around the corner and resolution is probably at least a few cities away, meaning these latest memories will have to last a while for those of you who are so hardcore that you’re used to tracking free agency and summer league here in the dead of summer. In this particular corner of the country where relocation is such a serious concern, Jimmer-mania relocated from Provo, Utah to Sacramento and Kings fans certainly hope his presence can help keep the team from moving next summer.

Fredette’s arrival sparked the sort fanfare that’s worth witnessing for posterity alone. I did just that over the weekend, tracking the BYU sharpshooter who was taken No. 10 overall at the airport one day and a Sacramento mall the next for the story that is linked below. Here’s the video from those events, and a throw-in vid from his brother, TJ, singing about the journey of one of the most hyped players in the history of the game.

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Latest Linkage: Covering the Draft, Coaching Searches and the Looming Labor Situation

Here’s the latest linkage from, just in case anyone missed these stories the first time around. Since that doesn’t make for the most exciting post, I might as well share this clip of the 2002 fight between Shaq and Brad Miller on here just as I did on Twitter. The Miller story below reminded me of this melee, and it’s more than worth the four minutes of your life to take a peek back at the big fella going crazy.

One of the most dominant big men to ever play the game retired this week, of course, so there’s a lighter look at Shaq below as he discusses his incredible career with Jackie MacMullan.


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If You Build It, They Will Stay: Sacramento Arena Plan Unveiled by ICON Venue Group

When the basketball-loving people of Sacramento finally exhaled on May 2, it was only a matter of minutes before they were holding their breath again.

The Maloof family that owns the Kings had decided to stay, having succumbed to monumental pressure that was coming from almost every side as they attempted to move to Anaheim. But as was made immediately clear by the owners and the NBA, this would merely be a stay of execution unless a new arena was built.

Twenty-four days later, the beginnings of a plan are finally in place. The Taylor/ICON group that has been working with the city of Sacramento since early February completed its feasibility study this week that was intended to determine whether an arena was possible in Sacramento.

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Latest Linkage: Warriors shaking things up, draft heating up, Bulls and Thunder cooling down

Quick linkage here before I turn in for the night.

A press conference with new Golden State consultant/executive board member Jerry West awaits in the morning, and that’s something I certainly didn’t see coming. There had been rumblings for quite some time that West could join the Warriors, and I have even reported on the potential of a West arrival last June when it looked as if Larry Ellison would be buying the team instead of Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.

But it looked as if the Warriors were done shaking things up. They added former agent Bob Myers to their front office as an heir apparent to GM Larry Riley, then extended Riley himself for two years (with the third year a team option). The coaching search ensues after Lacob & Co. decided not to bring Keith Smart back, and the leader of that race appears to be former Cleveland coach Mike Brown.

In other words, there is basketball life outside of the playoffs at the moment.

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Latest Linkage: Talking Legacies in Laker Land, Playoffs and the Return of the Kings

LOS ANGELES – There’s a lot to get to here, and I am – once again – guilty of leaving the most loyal of NBA Confidential visitors without an update for a full fortnight.

The dateline should give some indication of the latest topic, as the end of the Lakers’ reign is as big as hoops stories get this time of year. And considering so many members of the media (yes, including yours truly) had June tickets to cover the Lake-Show, the spectacularly sudden way that it came to an end has led to some compelling content.

So before offering up the standard linkage to the latest (15) stories, I wanted to share a slice of the incredible theater that has been taking place down in LA-LA land. As I wrote today, Lakers center Andrew Bynum was put on blast by a litany of Laker greats after his cheap shot on Dallas’ JJ Barea on Sunday.

Hall of Famer James Worthy was among them, and I caught his interview with ESPN Radio’s Mason & Ireland in Los Angeles just after getting into town on Monday. Jerry West and Magic Johnson were both highly critical, but Worthy’s take came with a level of venom that was just incredible.

Bynum was eventually suspended for five games (which he’ll sit out at the start of next season – whenever that is) and fined $25,000 for the way he left the court (including taking his shirt off as part of the Defiant Fashion Line), but backlash like this meant he paid the even steeper price of his putting his reputation in jeopardy.


If you’re more the visual sort, check out this picture from the Dallas Morning News that I probably stared at for at least three minutes while flying from Dallas to LA. There’s a lot to see here, from the looks on the faces of the Mavs players as Bymum passes to the fact that Dallas owner Mark Cuban appears to be hollering at Bynum and the irony that the one and only Ron Artest – of all people –  is helping escorting his teammate away from a hostile situation.

On a much more pleasant note, it’s surreal how the Sacramento situation has turned around. After the May 2 announcement that the Kings would remain for at least one season, the swell of support is on the rise.

I hear there was quite a party tonight in California’s Capitol, where former Kings flew in to celebrate and local legends, Tesla, even came in to perform in front of a crowd of approximately 6,500. According to my friends at The Sacramento Bee, the Maloofs – who were pushing for a move to Anaheim before being forced to return – were mostly cheered and lightly booed. They invited Sacramento Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson to represent the team at the draft lottery in New Jersey on May 17, a solid PR move to help with perceptions that there remains a rift between the two camps.

To read more on that event, click here.

Now at long last, the links. At…

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* (VIDEO) Talking draft with anchor Maggie Gray (April 27)

Latest Linkage: Playoffs, Kings, Draft and more


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Latest Linkage: From the haves (Lakers, Celtics) to the have-nots (Kings, Warriors)

Here’s my latest at…

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Latest Linkage: Jay-Z Gets Fined, NBA Coaching Carousel and Larry Brown’s Never-Ending Career

Here’s my latest at…

* Nets minority owner and rapper Jay-Z fined $50,000 for illegal contact with Kentucky players

* Talking NBA Coaching Carousel

* Larry Brown wants UNLV job

Now it’s off to Los Angeles for Sunday’s Lakers game against Oklahoma City, a late-season rematch of last season’s first-round playoff series. The Lake-show has lost four straight for the second time this season coming in, strange as that might seem, and I’ll let ESPNLA’s Arash Markazi provide the necessary context at his feed here. For the lazy ones out there, here are the Cliff Notes on his tweets: four-game losing streak don’t bode well for championship odds.

– Sam Amick